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Here are some questions that we think that you´ll have we did our best to answer the most relevant questions 

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Hur ser onboarding-processen ut för klienter på CSPM?

Ange ditt svar här. Tänk efter, skriv tydligt och kortfattat och lägg gärna till såväl skriftliga som visuella exempel. Läs igenom det du skrivit för att försäkra dig om att du själv skulle förstå ditt svar om det var första gången du besökte webbplatsen.

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Questions & answers 

What do we charge for our services ?


Our services are dependent on your goals and vision and that´s why we agree on a fee on the free meeting. 

 How does payment and our profit work?


Here and Cspm we work commision and retainer wise. It´s all up to the client´s demands and comfort.

What other services do Cspm offer ?


We provide professional service in a wide range of areas, to help accommodate your needs the best way possible. 

Please contact us with your needs ! 


Do you only work with startups and new companies or do you also work with older, established companies?

We work with all types of companies, book your free call now to see if we´re a good fit for you ! 

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